Future Development Trend of light new small amusement equipment, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-16
As the tertiary industry, the degree of development of the recreation industry usually symbolizes a certain degree of economic development. Among them, the development of new amusement equipment as an important amusement industry project is obvious. Moreover, the development of the new amusement equipment industry has also brought great impetus to the development of the leisure and entertainment industry. So, how does the new amusement equipment promote the development of the leisure and entertainment industry? How to correctly choose the amusement equipment that children like the fifth point: the design for children of different ages should vary according to their age and ability. What children like to play is that they can operate, too difficult to make children have twists and turns, too simple and make them feel bored. Therefore, the bosses should purchase according to the age of the above. The sixth point: excellent manufacturing, good use of good materials, coupled with the absorption of people's design, so that they have a sense of value. If it is played badly soon, the children will be quite desperate, because their hearts that have just aroused play and exploration will soon be extinguished. So how can it be placed just right? 2. For some larger children's amusement equipment, the space to be reserved should be larger when placing it, otherwise when passengers start the car, I immediately ran into the car of the passenger next to me. I haven't started playing yet. I have to think about how to turn around, because the space and distance are too narrow and it is very inconvenient to drive, it will also seriously affect people's interest in playing. 3. Bumper cars of the same type and the same size are put together. Otherwise, if a large bumper car hits a small bumper car, the shell of the small bumper car may be damaged.
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