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by:SKP     2020-02-15
Unconsciously, the Royal Carriage children's inflatable trampoline has been silently fired for so many years. The market competition is fierce, and it is also new and old. Children's trampoline can always be hot. Is there any secret? If a product wants to be recognized by the market, it must be liked by both the seller and the buyer. The royal carriage unilaterally likes the situation like 'unrequited love', which is difficult to maintain a balance. Naturally, it will not continue to be popular. This is why Anxin's children's trampoline has been able to fire for so many years. For investors who invest, everyone likes to 'make a profit' and 'make a profit and not lose '. Although rationality tells us that it is common for business to earn and lose, it is almost impossible to 'earn without losing', but the purpose of pursuing 'low investment and high income' has not changed. 1. Low investment: the cost is the cost of purchasing trampoline and the cost of site rent. In the children's amusement industry, the cost of children's trampoline is at a lower level, and the site rent is more flexible, rent can also be saved. 2. High income: The entrance fee for children's trampoline is 10- 20 yuan/time, the fierce trampoline of the gas Castle, the bright colors, the fun of the royal carriage are attracting children, the drainage effect is super good, smart businessmen only need to compare the ticket income of * with the cost of purchasing trampoline to know that such income can be returned in only a few days, and the market competition is the net profit after charging. The target group of inflatable castles is children.
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