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by:SKP     2020-02-21
Today, with the vigorous development of the children's industry, in order to design a successful children's playground, we need to have enough understanding of children and some research on their preferences. It can be said that the reasonable design of children's playgrounds is a test of the designer's overall quality. But if you want to get the design of the children's playground, the following points must be understood. 1. What are the problems in the design of children's playgrounds. Walking through domestic amusement parks, we can see that the design of children's amusement parks is generally modeled at present, and plastic mats and cold amusement facilities seem to have become the usual design method for children's amusement parks, this design not only does not take into account the actual situation of children, but also does not reflect the connection between parents and children. The design of many playgrounds is actually in line with the aesthetics of adults. Therefore, when designing children's playgrounds, we must first understand children and their needs, and create a healthy and happy new world for children! 2. Design principles of children's playground.     (1) Based on the design of children's growth, it is beneficial to physical and mental development.   For planning and design, the bigger mistake is on the plan (Aerial view) It looks good, but the experience is not satisfactory. When designing children's amusement parks, special attention must be paid to the influence of children's height on the line of sight. The height and size of amusement facilities should match the height of children. The height and activity ability of school-age children have increased to a certain extent, so the reserved space for activities should also be appropriately expanded. For example, sufficient buffer space should be reserved in front of the slide to avoid collision with foreign objects, the front and back sides of the swing movement direction should also leave enough activity space to ensure that the activities can be carried out safely and smoothly. However, infants and young children are petite and have a small range of personal activities, so the facilities on the site should not be too large and the terrain for climbing should not be too steep. Preschool children generally like to play 'Play House', so when designing the stove for playing house, the characteristics of children's height at this stage should be taken into account in scale control. Reasonable spatial scale is not only beneficial to children's psychological development, but also can reduce potential safety hazards. (2) Plan different sizes and spatial organizations according to the number and age of children. The primary consideration in designing children's playgrounds is the number of children served and their characteristics at different ages. Population and age characteristics are important factors that determine the size and space organization of amusement parks. School-age children are energetic and like running, jumping, climbing and other activities. The scope of personal activities is obviously expanded compared with the previous two stages, and their intelligence is obviously improved, therefore, the amusement facilities should not be too simple. Therefore, when planning the size of the children's playground for such children, it should not be simply determined by the number of people. At the same time, it is necessary to consider factors such as changes in the scope of activities of children at different ages to meet different needs. (3) Through a scientific environment, it brings more sensory stimulation. Every aspect and stage of the activity site design can be regarded as an integral part of the development of children's sensory consciousness. Integrating into the natural ecological environment can provide more and more abundant sensory stimuli, such as insects and birds, changes in the Four Seasons, etc. The stimulation of the natural environment to children's senses is far more comfortable and healthier than the colorful pavement! In addition, the role of plants in the natural environment cannot be ignored. It can divide space and regulate climate. Some plants even have more potential opportunities for activities. Of course, some dangerous plants, such as thorns, toxic tree species should not appear in children's activity venues. (4) Take advantage of the diversity of venue activities to increase children's participation. Children's playgrounds with monotonous facilities cannot attract more children, so the diversity of activities is very important. Research shows that in recognized good children's playground, activity units (Or Opportunity) The ratio to the number of children should be greater than or equal to 2:1. Whenever a child plays an activity, he has many other choices, which will form a natural transformation process and is also very beneficial to children's physical and mental development.
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