getting your kids to move from video games to outdoor play

by:SKP     2019-09-28
As a kid, I remember I used to run, jump and move in our private play area with different kids.
Online exercises are currently re-classifying the way our children learn and play.
We, the true guardians, are part of this change.
First of all, I chose to buy a PC for my kids instead of the equipment in the game area because I felt it was safer to put them inside than to put them outside.
Nevertheless, it was later admitted that these online exercises were also at risk;
I brought back the entertainment outside to their way of life.
That\'s what I did!
The first step is to make my child dirty.
Instead of seeing open-air soil as an obstacle to the investigation, I took advantage of this opportunity to educate my children about the importance of personal cleanliness.
I make it clear that they can play in the soil, but once they venture into the house, it\'s time to clean it up, which is a major aspect of their happy schedule.
From adolescence to adolescence, this allows my children to run and move without worrying about sweat and mud.
With it, outI found out that you can better appreciate some of the things that used to be very happy inside.
This includes storybooks, balls, squares, yes, and people!
I drew a part of the toy to allow my child to design a better way to play with the toy.
When we do it outside, even our family becomes more interesting.
Lying on the ground tangled, drawing storybooks, conveying a fascinating twist to our traditional sleep time story, the celestial bodies of the stars in the sky are an extraordinary way to stimulate energy creation.
In fact, even if my kids grow up to be teenagers, in any case, they will build a portable shelter for a barbecue with their companions, a comfortable terrace.
The backyard ImprovementI is used to send my kids to the business play area every day late at night.
The Guardian of the office revealed to me
Wilderness Sports Center, sandbox and tic-tac-
Toes are essential for children\'s growth.
So I try to build our own specific game area at home.
Obviously, its playground structure is different from the business playground structure, but I get a lot of benefits from it.
First of all, we realized that children can exercise on the outdoor playground equipment.
All physical exercises enable them to create more grounded bones and muscles, plus vitamin D from the sun.
In any case, what I don\'t know is that you can use the game area to answer the child\'s anger.
This is because the baby needs a feeling of freedom and control of the earth;
So this often leads to anger.
For my kids, playing freely in the play area is a direct way to meet this need.
As long as I built the lawn, the neighbors began to come in --
First of all, children, their families at this point.
I didn\'t imagine how a simple change could improve a person\'s social life.
My child, my other half and I suddenly found some people who shared and understood our emotions, our interests, our daily concerns, and even our fantasies.
Beyond the assumptions of backyardI, and with the opportunity that I really need to guide my young people to understand the world, I should go through our own specific platform.
The survey begins with a walk in the entertainment center, a bike ride on the side of the road and a visit to nearby places
When they are almost nothing.
With their development, we have crossed the town and the country.
Boat, investigate and hike through streams to make the most of the wonders of nature.
Let me know how far my child has gone --
From exploring the courtyard Earth in the open air game to building a bold soul.
I believe that even in the present PC era, children will appreciate similar things we like in those days, because it is human instinct!
More importantly, when my young people figure out how to welcome the outside, they also figure out how to manage the real individual --
Not only are you met in the informal community for all intents and purposes.
Also, the best part is to appreciate each other\'s conversations as a family.
Now, this is something on the Internet.
Based on the game can\'t do!
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