Grasp the trend of amusement equipment industry, reduce operational risks, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-23
Traditional amusement equipment has been developed for many years and has formed a group of mature enterprises with large scale. However, the overall threshold of the industry is low and the competition is fierce. Mature enterprises are also facing the pressure of transformation and upgrading and have no investment value. However, amusement equipment is more expansive and reproducible. You can pay attention to some equipment companies with technological content and new technology applications to see if there are innovative products and models to solve the existing pain points. Pay attention to the degree of the company's product technology leading the market, pay attention to the company's ability to quickly open up the market in a short period of time, because there are many followers in the industry, once there are followers, they will soon enter the price war stage. Those who simply sell equipment are not competitive, and while selling equipment, they provide unique overall technical solutions (Meow)Or operational solutions (Qile er), Is a differentiated road. However, if miaowu only sells equipment and technology and does not participate in the profit distribution at the back end, the profits and scale will be very limited. In general, there are many competitors in this industry and the market is scattered. Even if there is a certain technical leadership, it will soon be copied by competitors. The industry has not formed a copyright and patent protection mechanism. It is difficult to form a company with a particularly large scale and a high market share.
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