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by:SKP     2020-03-15
Group building refers to team building. A series of team optimization behaviors such as structural design and personnel motivation are carried out to maximize team performance and output. Including inspiring common vision, forming internal consensus, uniting centripetal force, establishing high-quality teams and promoting collaborative cooperation. Team building is mainly in the form of self-managed groups. Each group is composed of a group of employees who are responsible for a complete working process or a part of the work. Invincible Hot Wheels venue requirements: an open and flat large venue Game time: about 20 minutes (1 minute discussion time 10 minutes production)Game play: 12- A group of 15 people use newspapers and adhesive tape to make a closed large ring that can accommodate all team members, and set the ring up. The team members stand on the ring and roll the big ring while walking. The fastest way to touch the stone to cross the river: three boards are placed in parallel, the spacing is not too large, the right side of the body looks at the direction to be moved forward, the person is half squatting, and the half squatting is kept, first step on the two boards on the right, the left hand grabs the left Wood block and passes it to the right hand. Put it on the right side, the left foot bypasses the right foot from the front, the two knees should be separated, and step on the right board, then, according to the above method, take the left Wood block to the right, step on the right foot, and then repeat the above process. The center of gravity is consistent in the process, not high or low, and the movement is fast and stable, this method is suitable for people with strong balance and flexible waist and legs. Recommended by the physical education teacher, I personally tested it and it is very effective. I can practice with slippers at home.
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