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by:SKP     2020-02-28
In the past weekend, Guangzhou people enjoyed the 'feeling of Spring', but the cold wind and Blizzard that 'turned against' and 'strong' when the weather did not agree with each other opened the 'quick freezing' mode for our province this week, strong winds, cold waves, and Blizzard followed. Yesterday, the temperature of 21℃ made Guangzhou really feel like spring. But if the weather doesn't match, it will 'turn your face', cold wind, cold wave, Blizzard, these 'strong' will come. The cold wave and strong wind blue warning 05:20 P. M. yesterday. The Guangzhou Provincial Meteorological Observatory also issued a cold wave blue warning and a strong wind blue warning. Within 24 hours, most parts of the province have about 5 northerly winds, and gusts in parts of the north of the Yellow River and east of the Beijing-Guangzhou line are 6. The information released by the provincial meteorological observatory shows that the province has ushered in a wide range of cooling. It is expected that the minimum temperature in most parts of the north of the Huaihe River will drop by more than 8 °c from today to the morning of the 22nd-8 ℃ ~-6℃, south-2℃ ~ 0℃, other regions-5 ° C ~-3 °c. This strong cold air will pull our province into the 'quick freezing' mode. The provincial meteorological observatory predicts that the maximum temperature can reach 20 °c in other areas except the South; The minimum temperature drop is also around 10 °c. In some areas, there will be a blizzard and snow process starting from last night. Today, starting from the western and southern parts of the province (Mainly in the order of light rain)There are sleet in the western mountainous areas. The main precipitation period is tomorrow, with pure snow in the west and north (Big to Blizzard)Mainly; Southeast Xinyang area with rain (Moderate rain) Mainly, with the further decline of temperature in the later period, it turned into sleet; Other areas are sleet and snow (Medium to heavy snow)The process. The accumulated snowfall in the process is 8mm ~ 10mm, some areas 10 ~ 15mm, snow depth 5 ~ 8 cm, North Central 10 ~ 12 cm. Affected by cold air, the temperature in most parts of the province will drop by 10 °c from the previous period ~ 12 ℃, of which the North and Central areas decreased by 12 ℃ ~ 16 ° C. On the 22nd, the province's light snow or sleet gradually stopped turning sunny. Guangzhou SKP company Tips: snowy roads are slippery and slow. Go out and protect yourself. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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