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by:SKP     2020-01-26
Water amusement equipment is no stranger to us. It can be seen in almost many amusement parks. It is a game facility that contemporary children like to play, so what details should we pay attention to when we play it? Let's learn about it with woqi amusement editor. The following is an introduction to 'The Key Points for Attention of Water amusement equipment and its maintenance methods. Hot Games and precautions for water amusement equipment tornado explosion (Big Horn)    At a height of 20 meters, it slides down through the fully sealed slideway and rises up when it reaches the inside of the horn, giving people a feeling of weightlessness. Magic Bowl  This kind of amusement equipment is also sliding downward from the fully sealed sliding side. When we first entered the Bowl, the floating ring was almost perpendicular to the ground, after two turns in the bowl, it enters the sink from the black pipe, which is very exciting.     In the messy building built by water pipes, there are various water guns, water cannons and various water facilities. There are slides and children's slides on it. There are one or two large buckets on the top of the General large elf Tree House (The capacity is generally 2 tons) When the bucket is filled with water, the water will be poured out. The elf tree house can bring people the feeling of 'cool' and 'FAN! Wave pool  This facility is essential to the water theme park. It can simulate real waves. Its cost is also quite expensive, and it takes about 500RMB to make a wave during operation. Bumper Boat  Bumper Boat is a kind of Water amusement equipment, which uses a new type of powerful DC engine to pull a plastic propeller to generate power; Bumper boats generally consist of two parts, one is: the theme part of the boat is the hull that generates power; The second is: The Air model surrounded by the outside of the ship. The Air model is generally composed of cute small animals, including ducks, Dalmatian dogs, cute bears, etc; Bumper Boats can be seen in cartoons and some amusement places, which is a brand-new way for children to play; Shou yao chuan  The hand rocking boat is a kind of Water amusement equipment that is processed by PEPP with impact resistance, degree resistance and ultraviolet resistance, and provides power and stability through the rotation of impellers on both sides. In recent years, it is a common amusement mode in parks, swimming pools, scenic spots and other places in summer. Because of its safety and interest, it is favored by children and parents. Precautions for play  When we play in the water theme park, we usually use floating circles, so we should listen to the operator's explanation and do what he said. Generally speaking, we cannot change our posture when we leave the console. Maintenance of Water amusement equipment  1. Wipe the paint surface with a clean soft cloth at ordinary times, but be careful not to let the new amusement equipment come into contact with acid and alkaline substances and oils.     2. Burn marks, cigarette butts or unextinguished matches. Wrap a layer of fine-grained hard cloth with matchsticks or toothpicks, gently wipe the surface of the burn marks of the new amusement equipment, and then apply a layer of thin wax to fade the marks.     3. Most of the new amusement equipment scratched is mechanical. When tourists ride, the paint on the surface will be scratched one by one, crayons or pigments of the same color can be applied to the scratched surface to cover the exposed background color.     4. Water stains the water stains left on the new amusement equipment can be wiped with a wet cloth, and then the water stains can be diluted by gently pressing the wet cloth several times with an electric iron.     5. Wrap a layer of fine-grained hard cloth with a matchstick or toothpick, gently wipe the surface of the new amusement equipment, and then apply a layer of thin wax to fade the traces.     The above introduction of 'popular games and precautions for water amusement equipment' and 'maintenance of Water amusement equipment, I hope that you can understand the 'attention points of Water amusement equipment and its maintenance methods' to help.
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