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by:SKP     2020-02-29
Guangzhou Haibei Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of large inflatable toys, inflatable trampoline, inflatable cartoon and electronic electric toys.   With the aim of 'survival by quality and development by reputation', our factory has continuously researched and developed various inflatable products suitable for different needs of our customers and applications in different occasions. Products are exported to Southeast Asian countries and European and American countries.     Inflatable toys, using international brands of inflatable toy fabrics, meticulous research, exquisite design, fine production, the principle of combining education with fun, exercise and enlightenment, and strive to facilitate customer management thinking, developed large, medium and small types of nearly 100 varieties of inflatable toys, suitable for a variety of business needs, creating good economic benefits for customers.     Inflatable models, inflatable cartoons, Rainbow doors are imported, domestic rubber and plastic, PVC and other fabrics, carefully designed, the pursuit of perfection, creative novelty, lively, is the carrier of all kinds of advertising.     Welcome to choose our products, sample customization, design requirements, and welcome you to come to the factory to guide the work. In order to make our work better, please put forward the most valuable opinions, more innovative ideas, more strange ideas, and higher standards. Such products are continuous inflatable products, and the new products still have air leakage, which is normal. Please ensure that the power supply is normal and the fan is working normally during use. If you need to replace the power supply or turn off the fan, please make sure that the children have been evacuated. If you use such products in Linhai or other windy areas, please fix the products on the ground. When using, please ensure that the ground is flat and free of sharp and hard protrusions. A protective layer must be laid on the ground, and the striped cloth sold in the market can be used. During the use of the product, there may be stains on the product, which can be cleaned with bath essence. Please use a soft towel when cleaning, not a hard brush. When not in use for a long time, please keep the bed dry and put it in a cool and dry place. If you are exposed to rainwater during use, please open the product in time, blow it up with a fan, open the rest of the fan mouth, blow away the internal moisture, and dry it properly. Fun Games are a kind of collective activity that carries out physical exercise in play and plays in sports. Fun Games is a kind of sports game that focuses on fun, entertainment, cooperation, appreciation and universality. It allows men, women and children to participate in fitness activities in the form of collective participation in games. It frees people's thinking of celebration and entertainment from the single form of artistic performances and transfers the negotiation and cooperation mode from the serious atmosphere on the negotiation table, and directly connect entertainment with benefits, because it can be a good bridge to promote cooperation between enterprises; It can also be a high-quality platform to promote cordial communication between leaders and employees and enhance the cohesion of enterprises; It can also be an effective business card that reflects the spirit of the enterprise unit and promotes the enterprise culture; It can also be a high-speed channel to enhance mutual understanding between property owners and neighbors in the community.
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