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by:SKP     2020-02-29
Guangzhou SKP company amusement equipment, specializing in amusement equipment, inflatable amusement inflatable jumping bed, inflatable battery car. Main products: inflatable toys, air bed, trampoline, Rainbow Arch, column, air dance star, cartoon mascot, inflatable model, active cartoon Air model, various inflatable water products, inflatable fishing pools, water walking balls, grass rolling balls, etc. The materials selected for the product are PVC, PE composite film, waterproof Oxford cloth, reinforced Oxford cloth, TPU, transparent Oxford cloth and other special materials for pneumatic models. The principle of innovation for development and quality for survival creates greater social value for society. Advanced design, precision production strength, innovation and innovation, exquisite material selection, novel design, fine workmanship, high quality and low price, durability, safety and reliability, strong entertainment and other characteristics are favored by the majority of users. The shell is made of high-gloss wear-resistant engineering plastic material; Music function; Configure MP3 intelligent controller, with timing, music, counter and other functions; The tires are made of professional high-speed wear-resistant electric vehicle pneumatic tires ( Compared with other manufacturers, there is no quality assurance for trolley tires); The steering performance mainly consists of ball head, pull rod, balance arm, steering wheel, shaft and other accessories ( Our products are equipped with steering slowing devices, which make steering lighter and have the characteristics of automobile steering assistance. Other manufacturers do not have these. Because the structure is different from our products, the steering angle is too large, when the car is driving normally, it is easy to tilt the car due to excessive steering angle when turning, which is prone to danger) The chassis is of standard square steel structure with a maximum bearing capacity of 180; The outer cover is made of PVC thickened Oxford bright cloth, which is wear-resistant, bright, beautiful, easy to clean and colorfast. Seller's statement: regarding the return of goods, the nature of such products is special, the freight is relatively high, and the machine is vulnerable to transportation back and forth. Therefore, once the large machine is sold, it is only responsible for after-sales, not for return, please make a careful choice before purchasing. After receiving the goods, if you don't understand the operation or don't know where the fault is, you can consult our after-sales service at any time, and we will help you solve it in the first place. After receiving the goods, confirm the receipt within three days and give the praise to the Music Box and motor warranty for one year, the cover is free for life (No shipping costs) If you directly give a bad review or a middle review, the store will automatically give up the after-sales. If you have any questions, please contact us for negotiation.
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