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by:SKP     2020-02-29
The shell of the Ferrari bumper car is made of high-gloss glass fiber reinforced plastic rubber coat, and the product will be brighter and brighter; Music function; Configuration of three generations of intelligent controllers, timing, music, counters and other functions; Tire the professional high-speed explosion-proof wear-resistant solid ( Compared with other manufacturers, there is no quality assurance for trolley tires); The steering performance mainly consists of ball head, pull rod, balance arm, steering wheel, shaft and other accessories ( Our products are equipped with steering and slowing devices to make steering lighter and have the characteristics of automobile steering assistance. Other manufacturers do not have these and can rotate 360 degrees. The chassis is of standard square steel structure, the maximum load is 180; It has the characteristics of wear resistance, bright color, beautiful appearance, easy cleaning and no fading. Guangzhou Haibei amusement provides you with children's physical Park, Royal carriage, armored chariot, water expansion equipment, net Red Swing Bridge, automatic control aircraft series, Horse series, bouncing swing series, track Train series and other nearly 100 kinds. the purchase of children's amusement equipment and all-round amusement park planning, design and operation scheme. Welcome your call and visit the factory! We will patiently explain it to you.
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