Guangzhou SKP company's electric bumper car can not only speed but also set the starting speed, industry news-SKP

by:SKP     2020-02-29
Customers who really don't understand can contact Haibei Xiaoyang 18937803869 and we will solve the problem for your WeChat video! ! ! A square children's bumper car is used to have a fault that the gear position is opposite to the actual direction of the car, that is, when it is mounted in the forward gear, it is actually reversing! This car is configured at a glance, 24V240W controller, with two 12v20A battery packs, front drive motor, coin timing control panel. When the gear is in the forward position, the reversing horn children broadcast, step on the speed control switch, the motor reverses, why is it called the switch (The actual speed regulating pedal is a two-wire system)Step on and turn off. Soon the customer came to our office and conducted a road test on the repaired car. The result was unsatisfactory! The reason is that the maximum speed is only 5 K/m. You can fix this piece, the customer said, it's too slow! No matter where the gear is, the speed of the motor is very slow. Considering that the user of the car is a child, it is understandable that the speed is slower. The problem to be solved at present is to repair the gear and check the circuit, gear control is also a switch signal. When the switch is closed as a reverse gear and the switch is opened as a forward gear, there is no problem with the gear switch, but the current gear is inconsistent with the direction of the drive motor. According to this situation, I put forward two solutions after thinking: One is to change the installation direction of the motor, and the other is to adjust the phase. After observing the installation position structure of the motor, it is difficult to make a choice, and finally it is decided to adjust the phase through the phase line. This is also the common saying that in the face of faults, it should be simple to complex, from shallow to deep. Through three to four adjustments, troubleshooting, notify customers to pick up the car.
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