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by:SKP     2020-01-30
The ocean ball is currently a very hot project. However, there are still many novice investors who are wavering in the wait-and-see, and they are full of worries. Do you also have these concerns? I. Concerns about investment funds 'how much is your inflatable castle? How much money does it take to invest in ocean ball projects? Compared with the inflatable castle, the investment in the ocean ball project is a bit high. 'This is a doubt that many ocean ball investors will issue. Of course, compared to the inflatable castle, the ocean ball investment funds are slightly higher. However, the positioning of the ocean ball project and the inflatable castle is far from the same. The ticket for the ocean ball is generally 40 yuan/person, and the inflatable castle is generally 10 yuan/person, it can be seen that the ticket settings of the two projects are also very different! Therefore, we cannot judge a project from the aspect of investment funds alone, but from the perspective of later profits. On the other hand, the ocean ball is also relatively alive and can be customized. If investors are short of investment funds in the early stage, they can make a small one first! Third, concerns about the venue 'I saw your project when I was playing. There are many people. I also want to run one, but I don't have a venue yet. 'Many investors will have a lot of concerns about the venue. In fact, this is not used! The ocean ball can be operated indoors and outdoors, so the investment site is also relatively alive! Indoor such as the atrium of shopping malls, outdoor such as squares, scenic spots, playgrounds, parks, schools, etc. are all good places to operate. Fourth, do you need to go through the formalities? This investor does not have to worry about it. At present, there is no need to go through the formalities for investing in ocean balls! 5. Is the market competition big? As an emerging project, ocean ball is popular because of its low investment and good prospects. There are always many investors joining in good projects, so this is also a problem that many novice investors are worried about at present. Since the implementation of the two-child policy for more than a year, the market demand is gradually expanding, and parents are paying more and more attention to their children's play learning; The development of urbanization is fast, the basic service facilities are perfect, and the amusement market has great prospects. The ocean ball project is a project suitable for all seasons of the year. At the same time, it is aimed at children and adults over the age of three. It is currently in the early stages of development, it is a project worth investing in.
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