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by:SKP     2020-01-26
First of all, we must first understand the bumper car amusement equipment: the types of bumper cars are mainly divided into two categories: large bumper cars and small bumper cars. Small bumper cars are divided into: battery bumper cars, children bumper cars, indoor bumper cars, outdoor bumper cars, large bumper cars are also divided into: Skynet bumper cars, ground Net bumper cars, battery bumper cars. The price of bumper cars for woqi amusement is generally 2200- Between 7000, this type of bumper car is characterized by good craftsmanship and thick materials. Generally, this type of bumper car factory has a certain scale and standardized production management process, there will be no big problem with the quality of bumper cars, and there will be special after-sales personnel, which will not affect the normal operation. High-end bumper car prices are generally 7500- Between 15000, this type of bumper car factory is basically a business enterprise. The materials and technology of bumper cars are similar to the price of mid-end bumper cars, but they pay more attention to their own brand image, it will provide customers with a better user experience, and at the same time have certain requirements on the customer's investment budget. Generally, investors who can purchase such bumper cars need to have certain scale and strength. Woqi amusement has a history of more than ten years and has rich experience in producing and developing bumper cars. Its technology is becoming more and more mature, its performance is getting better and better, and its varieties are increasing. The bumper cars produced by woqi amusement are unique, novel and stimulating. Especially in the ground network bumper car technology is outstanding. Woqi amusement's ground Net bumper car is another breakthrough in speed, not to mention fast speed increase, especially drift bumper car can easily realize in-situ 360-degree tail flick, S-type or lateral drift, this drift-type bumper car has high entertainment and competitiveness, which greatly enhances the entertainment excitement. This product is suitable for indoor large bumper cars and kart venues, and can create good economic benefits. Indoor and outdoor bumper car is a classic amusement project, which has always been a choice for children and adults in amusement parks] Products, woqi amusement bumper car amusement equipment has been well received by consumers since its listing. The bumper cars produced by woqi amusement have various styles, beautiful appearance and durable colors made by baking varnish technology, especially in terms of safety performance, the quality is high. Jinbo has been producing bumper cars for more than 17 years. As a veteran bumper car manufacturer, the strength can withstand the study.
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