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by:SKP     2020-01-25
'Holographic world' new game console-- Holographic entertainment New World, holographic world is a new type of holographic video game console, which uses an unlimited number of detail engines to create game content and can provide new functions of virtual reality entertainment. This holographic game table has realized the dream of science fiction filmmakers. It uses optical principles and light to reproduce real three-dimensional objects, which appear in front of players as if floating in mid-air. Once the player chooses the game, the edge of the table will 'disappear', the holographic projection object will immediately become vivid, and the hologram is three-dimensional, the scene seen by users on both sides is different. The scope of holographic projection is up to 70 cm above the table and down to 100 cm below the table. Naughty Castle factory, Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. Ltd group, the new arcade machine adopts advanced motion tracking technology and adopts real-time 3D algorithm, which can bend light according to the user's angle. It is this combination of technologies that makes holographic images seem to be objects floating in the air no matter from which angle players watch. In order to add an immersive experience, the 'ground' of the holographic image will vibrate according to music and game sound effects. The two-player games currently available for play include 'Air Raid' (Aerial Assault)'Hungry crocodile' ( Hungry Crocodiles)And 'throwing stone and Castle' ( Catapults and Castles). In 'Air Raid', players need to control the plane to soar in the air and shoot down enemy planes at the other side. The feature of 'Hungry Crocodile' is the holographic fish inside, which will jump to the players from time to time, which is very vivid. In 'throwing stones and castles', players will interact with each other in a small holographic simulation village. It should be noted that this machine needs to be placed in a dark environment, because holographic images will be affected by outdoor light. (The above content is taken from you Lezhi)
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