Hong Kong Asian Games, perfect ending, we will see you in Shanghai next year! -Industry information- Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-19
'Cheer for the past and cheer for the future', the 2018 Hong Kong Asian games ended successfully on June 8. According to the official website data, as of three o'clock P. M. on June 7, the number of registered professional buyers of this year's Hong Kong Asian Games has reached 6,300, the total number of visitors has reached 8,800, and the total number of exhibitors has reached 393; Compared with previous sessions, the 2018 Hong Kong Asian Games has increased to varying degrees in terms of scale, number of exhibitors and influence. The rain caused by the typhoon 'AI yunni' has not subsided, and this morning there was a heavy rain in Hong Kong, but at the exhibition site, many buyers can still be seen to register and check the booth. Some are carefully inquiring about the parameters of the machine equipment, some are communicating with the exhibitors in detail, and some are bargaining to take the favorite machine at a preferential price on the last day. Perhaps considering the diversity of digital content and the portability of equipment, VR products are more common in the exhibition hall. Of course, there are also VR simulators with somatosensory as the selling point. The booths of these products are always lined up in a long line, which shows that the VR immersion experience is still not less attractive. As I said before, the exhibitors of the Hong Kong Asian Games mainly focus on scenic spot construction, landscape design and large-scale park planning, and this point is also confirmed from the feedback with buyers and manufacturers: that is, most buyers are not FEC (Family Entertainment Center) Operators or holders, they are more seeking exhibitors about site planning and design than equipment producers, so for domestic enterprises, how to participate in the exhibition in a targeted manner, find customers who are suitable for their own products and expand their business is a question worthy of pondering by enterprises participating in various exhibitions in the future. Next year's Shanghai Yajing conference, starting from 2019, will be settled in Shanghai, Shanghai, an international metropolis, to build a platform for business cooperation at home and abroad, and to provide first-hand exhibition information and industry changes. We will see you in Shanghai next year! Unpowered amusement Equipment _ Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. , Ltd group (The above content is taken from you Lezhi)
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