How are children's inflatable slides packaged -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
How to pack and load children's inflatable slide toys has been touched in some articles before. As more and more new customers subscribe to inflatable toys recently, today, Xiaobian will pack the serious inflatable slides and load them, so that the planners can save more effort in packaging and loading. The uniform PVC thickness selected for the inflatable slide for young children is 0. 45mm, the weight per square meter is roughly 3. , Small inflatable slides are better. If you plan a large inflatable slide, the following packing steps are the equipment we must be in charge. At the time of packing after the planning, we let the air go, then let the slide exhaust for 30 minutes to control, 30 minutes later, the inflatable slide is half folded, using the method of stepping on the inflatable slide, you will walk three times. Later, the inflatable slide will be opened and folded. Later, the two bodies will roll and one will step on it, the maintenance rate is implemented at the same time, so that the inflatable slide that we fold out is not only under the volume, but also not easy to disperse during the loading process. When the package is finished, let's calculate the weight according to the volume of our slide. It is good to load it manually at 50 square meters, like 80 square meters and 120 square meters of large inflatable slides. We need equipment, A small forklift can.
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