How do naughty Castle manufacturers make ocean balls -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-20
Ocean Ball, also known as wave ball, is a product of baby playground, naughty Castle and field activities, etc. , which can bring wisdom and fun to babies. In order to increase the playability of children, naughty Fort merchants often build ball pools (Naughty Fort wave ball pool)In order to exercise the child's ability. Let's talk about the making method of ocean ball: 1. The ocean ball adopts two molding non-porous blow molding technology. 2. Ocean Ball (Wave ball)There are air holes, but the air holes are in the mold! Stomatal distribution is very small! 3. In the production process, the plastic begins to melt at the high temperature of Baidu. When it flows to the mold Ball Cup, it instantly closes the mold, instantly blows, opens the mold, and naturally forms a ball! 4. If careful friends observe carefully on the spherical surface, there are still traces of tiny blowing holes! However, this does not affect the safety of the products. The products are strictly tested. It can be said that 60KG adults will not break on the standing ball! 5. In order to give the ball enough air pressure, it is recommended to use a Screw Air Compressor!
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