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by:SKP     2020-02-13
In the past few days, the Sun has been shining and the flowers have blossomed one after another. However, the weather in these two days has moderate rain and Blizzard, and the temperature has plummeted like a roller coaster, woqi amusement equipment, as the supplier of amusement equipment, naturally reminds everyone to make corresponding preparation measures for their amusement equipment to resist the blizzard. People can't stand the sudden heat and cold, and machines can't stand it either, next, let's learn about the protective measures. First of all, attention should be paid to the inspection of hydraulic oil. Some transmission systems are powered by hydraulic transmission systems and rely on hydraulic oil to transmit energy. The liquid is naturally afraid of freezing at low temperature, especially the hydraulic oil used for a long time will become very thin and easy to freeze, so the concentration of hydraulic oil must be checked and the too thin hydraulic oil should be replaced in time. Secondly, check whether the lubricating oil at each connection point is sufficient. Because the temperature is too low, the glass fiber reinforced plastic will become very 'brittle'. If the lubrication is not good, it will be easy to break off. Therefore, the lubrication treatment of each connection point and vulnerable point must be done well. Finally, check whether each line is normal, because after the blizzard, the equipment is easy to produce water. Once the insulation skin on some lines is broken, it is easy for the circuit to be short-circuited, so this is also very important. I firmly believe that doing these corresponding protective measures will naturally make our equipment easy to face this blizzard. Red Wolf www. haibeiyoule. com/2018/piaoyipengpengche_1024/564. HTML
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