How does dolphin Beibei become so popular? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-14
I believe that everyone can see the dolphin Beibei in the major shopping malls. Many parents will take the children to make this kind of toy car, which is not only very cute but also very eye-catching, therefore, it has a very good advantage in investment and entrepreneurship. It is really very popular in large shopping malls. The children are really cute. The children will have a very strong love for this kind of toy car, because sitting in the car will feel very comfortable and very happy, especially if parents and friends can accompany each other, it will naturally make the management and operation of higher safety unnecessary for entrepreneurs to worry too much, naturally, the prospect of investment and entrepreneurship can be better guaranteed. At present, the number of dolphin Beibei's investment in major shopping malls is increasing, which means that the advantages of publicity and promotion are gradually showing and the future development prospect will become broader, it is suggested that you can purchase in a regular professional manufacturer company, which will naturally make the functional advantages more comprehensive. Haibei amusement dolphin Beibei bumper car product parameters product name dolphin Beibei start mode remote control start, key start shell material rotational plastic touch resistant shell speed 6- 12 yards appearance size 1690*790*1540 packing size 1700*800*1550 motor power 250W brushless motor battery parameters 20A * 2 rated load 160 vehicle weight 70kg battery life 6 hours, charging time 8- 10-hour matching lantern LED horse racing Flash MP3 music SD card/TF card
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