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by:SKP     2020-01-24
What are the profit channels for opening an indoor children's paradise? For children's paradise, kindergarten is one of the institutions with highly centralized customer base. If it can cooperate with kindergarten, it will be of great help to the sales and brand promotion of children's paradise. So how does the children's park cooperate with the kindergarten? Kindergarten tables and chairs to understand the needs of kindergartens to cooperate with kindergartens must take the needs of kindergartens as an effective entry point, so for kindergartens that intend to cooperate, no matter from a positive understanding or through other channels to obtain information, we must first understand the main problems and needs that the kindergarten is facing, and use this as a breakthrough to start cooperation negotiations. Carry out joint ventures and kindergartens to carry out joint ventures. Children's parks can invite children to the park for free experience, or offer the lowest price to the kindergarten. The kindergarten will be charged separately according to the specific situation. Kindergarten if have a school bus can arrange shuttle service children Park also can be arranged car shuttle service. Interactive publicity to negotiate with the kindergarten about interactive publicity matters, the enrollment advertisement of the kindergarten can be placed in a prominent position of the children's paradise, because the source of the children's paradise includes newborns, so the kindergarten is invisible to be recognized through this move, forming potential sources of students; At the same time, advertisements for children's parks should also be placed in prominent positions in kindergartens to promote each other and develop together. In addition to the work inside the kindergarten, the publicity in the surrounding communities of the kindergarten should also be carried out for the surrounding communities of the kindergarten, because these communities are concentrated residents of the kindergarten school district, so we must publicize them in place and enter the community, let more residents around the kindergarten know about the children's park. Send a single exhibition at the entrance of the kindergarten to communicate with the kindergarten. You can distribute leaflets or display booths at the entrance of the kindergarten. This is a very effective way to obtain customers, but publicity must be timely, you can choose to pick up the children. Subsidizing kindergarten activities there are many holiday activities and parent-child activities in kindergartens. Children's parks can subsidize or organize kindergarten activities irregularly, which not only saves time, energy and cost of kindergarten activities, it also plays the role of promoting children's paradise, which is very happy. Warm Tip: children's park operators can start with kindergartens with low profitability or familiarity. After adopting the above cooperation measures, they can help both sides achieve obvious publicity and marketing effects, so as to play the role of model demonstration, which is more conducive to cooperation and negotiation with other kindergartens and institutions in the future. Unpowered amusement Equipment _ Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. , Ltd Group
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