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by:SKP     2020-03-09
Let's take a look at the inflatable castles that can be operated indoors in winter. 'Do you have any new inflatable toys with a small area? 'This is a question that many investors who want small investment and limited venues have a high degree of consultation! Guangzhou Sanle Toys Co. , Ltd. has launched several small children's inflatable toys to solve the problem of limited investors! Look at the following styles, which one do you like? To make a children's inflatable castle, we must first examine the factory site and whether it is suitable for making a castle. Observe the flow of people near the factory, be sure to ensure safety issues, whether there is an area where adults can park, it is best to park or square, where there are more adults and fewer cars, now investing in this kind of project in villages and towns is quite profitable and worth investing. Safety issue 1. Children's naughty Fort is only for 3- 12-year-old children use, enter the children's naughty Fort to take off their shoes, do not carry sharp items, to avoid scratching the body during the game; 2. During use, the Guardian should remind the child not to push and push in the children's naughty Castle to avoid accidental injuries; 3. The purse seine of children's naughty Castle only plays a protective role and is forbidden to climb; The administrator of the indoor children's park should regularly check the accessories inside the facility to see if there are any safety hazards such as loose screws. If there are problems that cannot be solved by themselves, please report to the installation unit for repair; 4, children naughty Fort facilities only for indoor 'with avoid sun; 5. The facilities can be thoroughly cleaned with soft brushes and neutral cleaning agents every week; 6. It is forbidden to pull Guangzhou Haibei amusement park Equipment Co. , Ltd. with force in the purse seine of children's naughty Fort, specializing in single toy cars, double inflatable battery cars, inflatable battery car covers, removable and washable plush animal cars, rotating planes, bumper cars, robot pedaling cars, three generations of LCD Mars chariots, Thomas train, airplane bumper car, tank bumper car, cow Tiger bumper car, Vajrayana, Beach car, royal carriage, double-seat tractor, inflatable castle, inflatable water slide, inflatable pool, steel frame bungee jumping, kangaroo jumping equipment, giant footstep equipment, stone crossing equipment, rainbow umbrella equipment, etc. The materials selected for the product are PVC, PE composite film, waterproof Oxford cloth, reinforced Oxford cloth, TPU, transparent Oxford cloth and other special materials for pneumatic models. The principle of innovation for development and quality for survival creates greater social value for society. Advanced design, precision production strength, innovation and innovation, exquisite material selection, novel design, fine workmanship, high quality and low price, durability, safety and reliability, strong entertainment and other characteristics are favored by the majority of users. Third, the inflatable castle 1. Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle uses imported PVC high-quality materials, which are tensile and tear resistant/safe and durable/personalized. Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle is mainly suitable for: new store opening, maternal and infant store, Western restaurant, supermarket, home, Park, kindergarten, amusement park and other places! 3. Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle advantage :(1). Strong and durable: Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle uses 5mm diameter stainless steel terrain ring windproof nose, floor board. Better fixing products make them safer and firmer. (2). High-quality fabrics: Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle uses high-quality materials, safe and environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. (3). Rich colors: Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle is colorful and colorful. (4). Seamless heat sealing: Guangzhou Haibei inflatable castle uses mechanical high-temperature stitching, which is durable and has long service life. Shopping Tips: 1. The company's products are produced by its own factory, quality assurance, pictures are original, like customers can look at the style can contact: sales Xiao Yang: 18937803869 to see the goods, to ensure product details, product quality. Our factory has very strict requirements on product quality. Before each shipment, we must pass the inspection and debug various details to ensure that the products are correct before shipment. 2. Because the product is a large object freight, the difference between the locations is large. In order to avoid damage during transportation, the packaging is reinforced. The cost is based on the size of the goods and the transportation distance, if there is a need, you can pay in advance. The freight requirements are strict. Please sign for it in front of the logistics personnel to see if it is damaged. The objects are large. Please refuse to sign for it because the logistics company is damaged during transportation.
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