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by:SKP     2020-02-29
Today, when imitations are popular, we focus on high-quality products and never play tricks on product quality and safety! Ensure that every customer will sincerely agree and affirm our products after receiving the carriage. Since the establishment of the company, with its sincere and dedicated spirit and people-oriented advanced ideas, reliable quality and perfect service and management. The concept of safety first and customer first has won high praise from many enterprises and customers. After years of hard work by the company's employees, the company has now developed into the top 50 in terms of company scale and comprehensive strength and electric amusement equipment. You only need to dial our 24-hour special line for car purchase, you will get a satisfactory reply soon. Our goal is to expand our business and by going up one flight of stairs. Guangzhou Haibei amusement produces sidecar motorcycle bumper cars, royal carriage bumper cars, non-track small trains, rotary planes, Carousel, dinosaur bumper cars, inflatable castles, inflatable pools, inflatable slides, water parks, steel frame bungee jumping, thomas train, robot pedal, products are exported: the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the United States, Israel, Marios, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other more than 10 countries, as well as the domestic market. Exquisite workmanship, perfect details, pursuit of excellence, honest management and thoughtful and meticulous service bring noble and elegant enjoyment to users, in recent years, Guangzhou Haibei amusement Royal carriage has won high praise from users for its quality and performance. Royal carriage configuration table: Size: 220 ~ 100 ~ 110 mass: 150kg load: 200kg shell: reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic, weather-resistant automotive paint. Motor: 48 sets of brushless gears high efficiency 500 watts motor controller: 3 generations of LCD 48 sets of brushless 500 watts controller battery: chaowei 20A * 4 brake: high efficiency electronic brake, stop lights when loose feet: colorful lights and neon high-profile reflective strips tires: high-efficiency wear-resistant rubber anti-burst tires color: Phnom Penh color bumper: GB 50 stainless steel tube, start system: remote control key double start time setting: 1- 60 Minutes random timing anti-collision: front and back are equipped with anti-collision radar
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