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by:SKP     2020-03-15
During the National Day holiday, children must have played inflatable toys such as inflatable castle slides. Such entertainment facilities can also be seen in popular places such as parks, squares, fairs and temple fairs. The novel and lovely shapes are very attractive to children, in a short time, a lot of children gathered in the small castle, and the business scene was very hot. Indoor children's playground, the venue is the most important, and it is also a necessary condition for successful operation: The venue is best concentrated in large shopping malls or intensive large communities. To ensure enough popularity. Regarding the shopping malls, I have some suggestions: 1. The shopping malls should have some grades and brands, and have enough popularity, so that there will be enough people with enough spending power. If the shopping malls are low-level, it will also bring your playground to a low level. There will be no good business in low-level playgrounds. If the popularity is not strong, the traffic will not go up. Of course, there is no way to make money. 2. Amusement park equipment should be novel. Businesses like naughty castles in the past have been very popular. Now some amusement parks in Jiangsu have some amusement equipment, such as inflatable castles, new royal carriages and inflatable pools, inflatable sand pools, etc. are relatively new recently, and children like them very much. There are also some scenario simulations. The new shark bumper cars are the protagonists of the new children's playground. 3. The rent of the shopping mall should be controlled within of your income. This kind of business can be considered. At present, indoor children's playgrounds are very popular, especially in the north, the spring and autumn and winter are longer, and the children stay indoors for a long time, therefore, many parents will take their children to the indoor amusement park when they cannot go out, which will also increase their children's social, climbing and other abilities and their hands and feet coordination abilities. As long as the venue is found well, the children's indoor playground is still very promising. I want to be like some way to respond to activities and publicity so that parents can take their children to play.
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