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by:SKP     2020-02-23
Children's bumper car is a mobile game facility, which includes bumper car vehicles and an indoor venue. The venue has small electric bumper cars for passengers to drive. SKP company's amusement children's bumper car is surrounded by anti-collision tires made of rubber. In the car, there are usually two people at most. Double pedal control rear axle integrated drive, simple and easy to operate. Bumper car body is generally made of FRP demoulding. Glass fiber is an inorganic fiber material drawn or blown by molten glass. Its main chemical components are silica, alumina, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, etc. The glass fiber reinforced plastic for SKP company's amusement is a dust-free paint for cars, with bright and lasting colors and durability. This depends on where your venue is, the county or the city, and the local consumption level. If it is a first-and second-tier city, children play at least 10 minutes for 20 yuan, and a car can earn 120 yuan an hour. It costs 600 yuan for 5 hours a day. If the general city or township 10 minutes 5 yuan-10 yuan, one car a day can earn 150-RMB 300. If more than a dozen cars encounter holidays, thousands a day is a normal income level. The venue is determined according to your own situation and there are no specific requirements. Tiandi network bumper cars need to design venues, and the investment is relatively large. The battery bumper car only needs to level the ground and the investment is relatively small. In terms of quality, we must find a good manufacturer. Tiandi net bumper car should be fun, after all, one point for the price. If there is not much investment, the battery bumper car is also good. The price of bumper cars in Tiandi network is about eight thousand, and that of battery bumper cars is about five thousand. It depends on which one you invest. Bumper cars are generally divided into two types, one for parks and playgrounds, and the other for squares and small parks, take the first one for example, there are three types: Battery, ground network and Skynet. The smallest battery investment is about 6000 yuan for a car, and about 7500 yuan for a car in the sky and ground network, the ground Net is 500 square meters, and the controller and the ceiling are calculated separately. The price used in the square is relatively low, and the price is generally around 2500.
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