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by:SKP     2020-02-24
What do you know about inflatable castles? The shape of the inflatable castle is designed according to the popular cartoon characters in the market. Because of its cute and unique shape, it is deeply loved by children. However, many customers are not good at buying inflatable castles. When they are operating, they are always afraid that the air pressure is too weak and the inflation is insufficient. They find that some styling children are pressed down, it is thought that the quality of the inflatable castle is not good, and the amount of air leakage is large, but in fact this is a normal phenomenon. There is a place where there is inflation, so that the balance can be maintained and the inflatable castle is always flexible, it is fun and safe for children to jump on it. Inflatable Castle is an inflatable amusement equipment with a castle shape. It is made of environmentally friendly and soft double-mesh double-sided mesh PVC fabric, in the case of sealing, the fan is continuously supplied with air to maintain the shape of the product. For children to play. If you want to add a fan to blow after the inflatable castle is full of gas, then the hard air pressure will bring security risks. If the child accidentally falls from the above shape, A hard face is easy to get hurt. Therefore, the inflation of this inflatable castle is also exquisite. If the inflation is appropriate, make your inflatable castle fun and safe. Everyone should always pay attention to the air volume of the slide when operating, because sometimes the air volume is appropriate at the beginning, but as the number of children increases, the inflatable castle may become tighter and tighter, if necessary, the inflation opening can be relaxed appropriately to increase the running Volume. The safety of children is a big deal and cannot be ignored.
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