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by:SKP     2020-02-16
What kind of amusement equipment is it to make money now? In recent years, the amusement industry has developed rapidly, and more and more people have invested in amusement equipment. Many people have made a lot of money. A customer of yongkangbao amusement equipment company rented a venue to open a battery bumper car playground, with a monthly income of 100 thousand. According to the data of amusement equipment industry in 2018, children's amusement equipment is *, also * money. What kind of children's play equipment? 1. Open. Children are at the stage of intellectual development, and their thinking is not fixed. Therefore, good children's amusement equipment should have no limited playing methods. Children can think from various angles and explore various playing methods. Children are always full of curiosity. They like to use their imagination to move their hands and feet on toys and create new ways of playing. 2, safe and non-toxic. Because children's self-protection consciousness and body resistance are very poor, the design of good children's amusement equipment will be very reasonable, the parts combination will be very strong and will not fall off, and the surface will be soft and free of sharp objects. In addition, the selection of good children's amusement equipment is very environmentally friendly and safe, does not contain harmful chemical components, and does not use flammable materials. 3, can stimulate the senses. Soon after children come to this world, they have a strong interest in all kinds of things. If children's amusement equipment is suitable for sensory stimulation, such: special sounds, different touches, bright colors, and some beloved shapes can be used to stimulate children's vision, hearing, smell, touch, etc. Let the children get a certain understanding of the world in the process of playing. 4. Design by age group. Children of different ages have great differences in intelligence and hands-on ability. Older children will feel bored when playing too low-level amusement equipment, small children will find it difficult to control the difficult playing equipment, which will cause frustration to their young hearts and greatly reduce their enthusiasm. Therefore, good children's play equipment should be designed for different ages. 5, can let the child operate independently. Although children's hands-on ability is not strong, they are very willing to do it themselves. Therefore, children's amusement equipment that can be operated by children must be more popular. 6. Excellent manufacturing. Poor quality children's amusement equipment must have problems from time to time, which will not only affect the business of the operators, but also disappoint the children who are playing hard, thus choosing to go to other children's amusement parks, the customer is so quietly lost. 7, can be played by many people. Children like to play with children or parents, therefore, good amusement equipment should be able to allow more than two people to play together. Guangzhou SKP company amusement park Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a company specializing in children's inflatable battery cars, flying saucer bumper cars, robot pedaling cars, inflatable trampoline, plush animal cars and other products. professional production and processing enterprises, with complete and scientific quality management system, advanced production equipment, first-class technical service and perfect after-sales service, it has always won high praise from customers. The company is based on honesty, the business philosophy of quality and production, innovation and development, step by step, steadily moving forward. Based on the basic principle of customer satisfaction: 'satisfaction of product quality, satisfaction of advanced technology and satisfaction of after-sales service', the company continuously strengthens the comprehensive competitiveness within the enterprise, the company seeks development in competition and opportunities in challenges. I believe our company will provide you with high-quality and advanced products. I believe our company will provide you with advanced technology and perfect after-sales service. Industrious and sincere, we are willing to work hand in hand with you to create a brilliant future of 9318
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