How much does it cost to open a naughty Castle? - Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
Judging from the current social development, children will definitely be the largest consumer group in the future. As for whether you can make money, it depends on whether the naughty Castle Park can attract customers, how hot the location is, and how the service attitude of your home is. How much does it cost to open a naughty Castle? Let's analyze below: opening a naughty Castle is related to many factors. The main factors are as follows: 1. The scope of the venue: If you want to choose a shopping center, dozens to hundreds of square meters, if the area is larger, the price will be more expensive, so the area is different, the price will naturally be different. 2. Location: whether the selected location belongs to a big city or a small town in the first and second tier, and whether it is in the central area or the surrounding area, all of which will involve cost issues, the rental price required for different locations is also different. 3. Amusement equipment configuration of the park: after confirming your own site, it depends on the equipment situation in the plan. Most functional accessories also affect the price, so this is also an important factor involving the price. Is it reliable to operate children's amusement equipment in rural areas?
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