How much does it cost to open the battery bumper car playground, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-27
'I plan to open a battery bumper car playground. Who knows the basic size and cost of the venue, and the price of the battery bumper car? 'Many people who plan to open the battery bumper car playground will ask such a question. Let me talk about my opinion. The following is an example of SKP company's children's battery bumper car. The small bumper car is 0. One for 4 square meters, each covering an area of 8- 10 square meters, 10 bumper cars must be at least 80 square meters. If it is a large bumper car, it should be at least 100 square meters, otherwise the place will be very narrow and wider will make customers feel more comfortable. The cost of the venue depends on the local living standard, and it is relatively cheaper in the town or county. How much is a bumper car? a skp company small standard Mimi bumper car costs 1850 yuan and a large battery bumper car costs 2680 yuan. It is already very cheap in the market, and the prices of other manufacturers or dealers are relatively higher. Investment in business: take the enhanced Mimi bumper car at the mid-range price of SKP company product series as an example, buy 10 small bumper cars 10*1880 = 18800 yuan to buy inflatable fences or make field fences 6000 yuan other supporting supplies 1000 yuan field rent 150 square 2000 yuan 【A total investment of 27800 yuan] 27800 yuan can be used as a playground with 10 good quality bumper cars.
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