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by:SKP     2020-03-02
The ATV vehicle is simple and practical, with good off-road performance and generally no canopy in appearance. In short, it is difficult to express its meaning with a simple Chinese name. With a large tire, it can increase the contact area with the ground, generate greater friction and reduce the pressure of the vehicle on the ground, it is also safer and more reliable to drive; Although amusement activities and education in the square will make it easier for children to enter nature, love sports more, exercise their physical quality, develop their logical thinking ability, and their ability to communicate and make friends, so now many parents take their children to the square as long as the baby has a holiday. The children also like it very much. Some of them play for one day, where the children find their own paradise. ATV appearance is not easy to deformation! The body is painted so that the car can be kept colorful after a long time of use! The whole outline is welded with international standard square steel, which is firm and durable. The car can be freely switched forward and backward, with two-way speed adjustment, high, medium and low speed, and stepless speed change; The car is equipped with two 12v20A Chaowei batteries, providing long running time. The wheel hub is very durable, vacuum wear-resistant, dungeon-catching, friction-resistant, and highly controllable; Lengthened hydraulic shock absorption, bold shock absorption design, improve ride comfort and comfort; Anti-collision guardrail can prevent accidents and effectively protect the car from damage; Radar lights cool colorful LED lights, cool lights, multiple bulbs, strong lighting, plastic lampshade protection, bulbs are safer; It is a must for your square business; Come to me for advice!
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