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by:SKP     2020-02-24
How should we increase product sales Source: Guangzhou SKP company Play time: 2016-04- 29 13: 29 visits: 609 personally, I think! The current sales are not only the competition of quality and service! It is not only the competition between advertisement and product appearance, but also the role of enterprise brand and product brand! First of all, to sell products, customers should first understand the background of your company! Enterprise spirit, etc. From an emotional point of view to guide consumers to the spiritual level! Guide consumers with spirit! This is the highest intangible asset for sales! Through the invisible to penetrate tangible! Make full use of 30 seconds of marketing! The real 30-second marketing does not mean that you can finish your words within 30 seconds, but that you can use 30 seconds to win 2 3 or 4 30 seconds! In the middle of this, use the advantages of products to win over consumers! Others fight unilaterally through material, while you fight through both spirit and material! And you have a bigger advantage than them, that is, you have the opportunity to do public relations! This is a very powerful sales method! Read more public relations books! As the saying goes, life two, two, three, three things through public relations to achieve pyramid schemes, direct sales, distribution three-way combination! In the after-sales, you have to innovate yourself! Find the service difference! Add emotion to the service! You must remember one thing! That is, the current enterprise competition is the competition between one industrial chain and another in the final analysis. If you do a good job in details, you can only do your surface well, but what is the connotation? Customers are coming one step at a time. They have come into contact with too many things, including salesmen. Many salesmen have done and done very well, but what is the connotation of reality? How many salesmen have done it? I don't believe much. First of all, you need to know your customer's industry, market location and what his competitors are like? Where is the biggest gap between your customer and his competitors, and then talk about what benefits your products can bring to him, so that your sales will be affirmed and effective, details are important, but no connotation is the most disgusting element for customers. Remember 2 points: smile and full of confidence. Related links: inflatable battery car, robot pedal car, plush animal car, UFO bumper car, inflatable castle.
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