How to avoid being cheated when buying amusement equipment, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-01
Recently, some old customers have responded that they were deceived when they bought some amusement equipment from other companies online and were cheated out of a lot of money. Then Xiaobian will tell you how to practice a pair of eyes today, avoid being deceived. The specific process of the matter is like this. Our old customer saw the relevant information of other companies on the internet and saw the products he wanted, and the price was very cheap, much lower than the market price, after referring to the price factor, our customer still picked up the phone and dialed it. After communicating with them, our customer felt that they said very well and all kinds of guarantees were in place, the customer made a deposit without thinking so much. As a result, he could no longer contact the other party. At this time, the customer suddenly realized that he was cheated, but the customer needed the equipment very much, in the case of insurance, he chose to cooperate with our company. Here, I will summarize some experiences for you, how to practice a pair of eyes, avoid being deceived, and hope that everyone will study hard. From this incident, we find that the cheater has grasped the psychology of our customers that they like to take advantage of small profits, and has won the trust of customers by using prices and professional words. At this time, customers are in a state of taking advantage of small profits, it is inevitable that the bill will be signed in a hurry. This will lead to the need for a deposit. Once the deposit is made, the liar will succeed. Therefore, when we buy, we must not be greedy for small and cheap, we must choose a comprehensive qualification, have a good reputation, so that there is protection. The next step is also very important. We must go on a field trip to see the factory. Only when we see the real thing can we rest assured. The last step is also a very important step. We must sign a corresponding contract. Once our rights and interests are infringed, we must have corresponding evidence to safeguard our rights and interests, and fight against these deceptions.
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