How to avoid damage to children's play equipment, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-10
Children are very naughty. The reaction to novel children's amusement equipment is to play. After playing for a long time, they will have the idea of how to remove and destroy children's amusement equipment, not because children have bad thoughts, they destroy children's amusement equipment just for fun. At this time, how should the children's park respond so that children will no longer destroy children's amusement equipment?     In the children's paradise, you can often encounter this kind of situation. In the face of a group of children who are doing damage, how can you stop it without hurting the children? SKP company amusement said that it can start from several aspects:  First of all, we have reached a consensus with parents that before entering the children's paradise, parents should teach children which behaviors are correct and which are wrong. It is wrong to destroy children's amusement equipment and should not happen. If other children are found to destroy children's amusement equipment, they should also be stopped.     Secondly, for children's amusement equipment that is easy to be destroyed, such as fabric toys, cushion equipment, inflatable equipment, etc. , it is necessary to be vigilant. When children enter the arena, pay attention to check whether there is a sharp weapon, when children play, they find that there is a phenomenon of destroying children's amusement equipment. They gently tell them that this is wrong, and then educate them to help the staff supervise other children. When children are given supervision, they will be very active.     Later, it is suggested that when children's amusement equipment is prevented from being damaged, they need to be patient and cannot be scolded, which will do more harm than good.
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