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by:SKP     2020-03-12
How to improve the amusement equipment more and more investors begin to crowd into the amusement equipment industry. Most of the people are optimistic about this hot project and are facing more and more investors, amusement equipment manufacturers are also changing their business strategies in similar ways, such as adding some attractive things to amusement equipment, etc. In the face of the formed small amusement park equipment, how to upgrade? The following is a detailed explanation of this small Series: 1. Appearance decoration: When we decorate the environment of the playground, we can base it on the cartoon shape or cartoon prototype that children like, children will definitely be deeply attracted when they see their favorite characters or animal shapes, which can increase the passenger flow in the amusement park; 2. Environmental sanitation: we must pay attention to the sanitary conditions of the venue to create a clean environment for children to play, because parents will only choose places with clean sanitary conditions for children to play, therefore, the management personnel must clean the garbage or dirty equipment in time when they see the site; 3. Promotion activities: publicity work must be carried out around the activities. Don't think that there are some fixed customers who don't do publicity. Actually, it doesn't work, if we can increase the site because of the problem of the site, but the propaganda work must not be reduced, we must understand this point; With the changes in China's policies, the number of children is constantly increasing, so we can see that there are more and more merchants operating small playground equipment. http://www . haibeiyoule. com/2018/jiqirendengche_1024/545. HTML
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