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by:SKP     2020-03-12
When most customers contact our company, they usually care about the price of amusement equipment most. Generally, they will feel high after knowing the approximate price. At present, the quality of amusement equipment is also mixed, so good quality amusement equipment is easily excluded by customers because of its high price. As a customer, how can we choose a cheap and good quality amusement equipment? First of all, it depends on the thickness of the plate and the thickness of the steel plate. Because this is something that exists under the appearance, it is easy to be ignored by outsiders. As a facility in direct contact with children, the safety of children is always the first. If the entire device does not have a stable and solid architecture, how can it be safe? I have seen a children's amusement facility, which looks quite atmospheric in appearance, but because the board is too thin, when adults step on the stairs, the stairs will be concave downward for a long time, the gap between the stairs was getting bigger and bigger until the adult's feet could be sandwiched between the two stairs. It took a lot of effort to pull out the feet. When it was pulled out, the skin was already worn out and bleeding. Secondly, it is the thickness and quality of the outer leather. The skin with poor quality can also be beautiful in a few months in a short period of time, but soon the skin will age and crack, the sponge will be exposed to everything, and the equipment will be very ugly.
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