How to buy inflatable castle correctly? How to buy an inflatable castle without being fooled? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-11
First, tailored: combined with their own investment ability, operating space area and space height, feedback information to inflatable castle manufacturers. Be sure to determine the area of your place (Length and width must be provided), Height, and make accurate purchases. Second, the shape is Supreme: The choice of inflatable castle products should be pre-judged or epidemic. For children, beautiful appearance, novel shape, colorful colors, etc, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of children, we can attract children and the business will be good. For example, children must like the products designed from cartoons that children like. The current popular is generally the best choice, such as this year's bear infested series products. At this time to buy what Pleasant Goat Grey Wolf may fail at the starting point. Third, save the truth: in order to attract customers for a long time, you must let customers believe in your products. It is the most basic to ensure the safe and normal operation of the inflation equipment. If the user has problems while playing your equipment, the result can be imagined. This requires us to polish our eyes when screening products: 1st beckoning: children's inflatable castles are mostly handmade, so the smoother the surface of the toy, the finer the workmanship. Parents should choose inflatable castle toys with smooth surface and no burrs to prevent the baby from being stuck by burrs during the game. At the same time, different faces of children's inflatable castles need to be cut, so sharp corners will inevitably occur during cutting (Such as square corners) Then, the children's inflatable castle needs 'Chamfering' in the process of making it to solve the sharp problem of the corners of the Cassia inflatable beach pool. 2nd Recruit nasal smell: ordinary children's inflatable castles have more or less the taste of wood itself. If the taste is too strong, it means that the toy is too strict or the paint on the surface of the toy has problems. If the plastic seal is too strict to cause the toy to taste, you just need to put the toy in a cool and ventilated place 2 ~ The taste problem will be solved in 3 days. Under normal circumstances, as long as it is an inflatable toy purchased through regular channels, the paint on the surface of the toy should be no problem. The paint of toys should be non-toxic and harmless special paint for toys, but there are also some inferior manufacturers who, in order to seek huge profits and regardless of children's safety, produce and use low-cost toxic paint containing inflatable castles, these toxic paints contain a large amount of excessive lead and benzene. Fourth, production qualification: Inflatable castle this kind of product is less than tens of thousands of tens of thousands of investment must go to the factory to inspect. If a manufacturer does not have production qualifications and does not have the corresponding documents, then the inflatable equipment you purchase is a product without an 'ID card' and the quality is not guaranteed. Through the visit to the factory, understand the materials and processes used in the production of products. China amusement equipment information network reminds you that if the distance is not too far, it is best to go to the factory to see the product before the product is shipped, notify the manufacturer in advance, or give a preparation time. At present, many products are found to be inconsistent with the original design or the designed products are not as good as expected and want to be changed. The cost of sending products back and forth is also a loss, and it also delays business hours.
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