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by:SKP     2020-03-04
Square children's play equipment How to choose and buy square children's play equipment is currently popular in the play equipment industry, especially the battery bumper car power is provided by electricity, and the play is strong, and the interest is high, so how to buy square children's amusement equipment, the following is how to choose and buy children's amusement equipment in the Square brought by SKP company. 1. The choice of children's amusement equipment is first determined according to your use scenario. If it is a mobile operation site, then the low price and easy disassembly and assembly of the lower transmission horse is your first choice; If it is a fixed-operated and relatively high-end amusement place such as scenic spots and amusement parks, then it is recommended that you choose luxurious, beautiful and comfortable Square amusement equipment! 2, pay attention to the cost-effective decision after the purchase direction to shop around, children's play equipment manufacturers produce different products, workmanship is also very beautiful, but the price is high, more common in Zhongshan area; However, the price of children's horses in some manufacturers is too low, so there is no good guarantee in quality. So certain going to manufacturer field study; 3. Regarding the choice of quality, children's amusement equipment should be purchased with bright color and eye-catching appearance; The quality should be economical and durable to ensure smooth operation; The design should be safe and reliable to ensure stability; After-sales service should also be timely and comprehensive to ensure timely resolution in case of emergency. Everything is for cost and benefit!
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