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by:SKP     2020-02-01
Before the operator intends to operate the playground, purchasing equipment is an important link. However, in the face of a wide variety of products and overwhelmed manufacturers, how should we choose reliable manufacturers, can you buy high-quality and cost-effective amusement equipment? Below, SKP company amusement equipment information network for your introduction.     First, judge whether the children's play equipment manufacturers are standardized:  1. When contacting the manufacturer, you can first request a business license, go to the local industrial and commercial website to inquire about the enterprise information, and check whether the business scope column has the words 'production, development, if not, it must be a sales company. (Extended reading>>> Three tips to teach you to buy high-quality children's play equipment correctly)    2. After determining that the business license belongs to the production company, check whether there is any company's certification document, especially in B2C, B2B mall franchise stores or franchise stores, and must check their qualifications in detail.     3. China. Amusement Equipment information. The Internet reminds you that when communicating with relevant sales personnel, you can know whether you have a detailed understanding of your own products through conversation, and do your homework in advance on the types of products you need to purchase, only in this way can we not count in our hearts when Consulting. If conditions permit, the manufacturer must be inspected on site. (Extended reading>>>How to buy children's amusement equipment)    Second, the quality of children's play equipment is not qualified:  1. The quality can be determined from the materials, workmanship and raw materials to determine whether it is safe and non-toxic, and whether it is harmful to children. Secondly, consider the quotation of goods with the same raw materials and workmanship, to compare the details of the products, if necessary, conduct appropriate market research to understand the types of products on the market.     2, China amusement, equipment information, information network reminder, standardized manufacturers of goods must pass the national standard certification of quality, safety and environmental protection.     Third, whether the after-sales service is in place:  1. Standardized children's amusement equipment is guaranteed nationwide and has a perfect after-sales service system. If there is a product quality problem within one year, it will be reported to the manufacturer in time, and the manufacturer shall provide the worn parts for repair or return.     2. If there is any doubt about the after-sales accessories of dealers or middlemen, the treatment method is still to find manufacturers. In this way, the after-sales service cycle will be prolonged and the variables will be very large. Therefore, china's amusement equipment _ information network reminds you that you must know the reputation of the manufacturer before purchasing, and do not place an order rashly. If you look for it online, you should look for the manufacturer on a website with strong reliability, and the stability of the manufacturer should be strong, prevent unnecessary problems after purchasing equipment.
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