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by:SKP     2020-02-11
With the development of economy, people's spiritual life is getting better and better, so playing is becoming more and more exquisite, and the following amusement equipment is also becoming more and more exquisite. The amusement equipment industry has also been popular in the market for a long time. Various kinds of amusement equipment emerge one after another and are also well known by the market. However, the products of amusement equipment are different with different times. What are the most popular new types of amusement equipment at present, and how should we choose so many types of amusement equipment? The following is a summary of how to choose suitable amusement equipment in the face of so many types of amusement equipment. When it comes to choosing amusement equipment, we have to say the classification of amusement equipment. Amusement equipment can be divided into inflatable amusement equipment, mechanical amusement equipment, electric amusement equipment, water amusement equipment, electronic amusement equipment, etc. according to their functions. Each type of amusement equipment contains many different kinds of playing equipment. For example, inflatable amusement equipment includes inflatable trampoline, inflatable slides, inflatable rock climbing, etc. , mechanical equipment includes rotating horses, track trains, rotating bungee jumping, etc. , and water equipment includes inflatable pools, support pools, water slides, etc. According to different playing methods, many amusement equipment can be customized into their favorite styles. With so many devices, how should you choose? The selection of amusement equipment is affected by many factors, such as site factors, capital factors, personnel management factors, etc. Only by combining these aspects can we consider comprehensively, the amusement equipment you choose will be the most suitable for you. Let's talk about how to choose the amusement equipment in detail. If your own site is an indoor site, then according to the size of your own site, you can plan to make an indoor children's naughty Castle Park. If the site is still surplus, you can plan the puzzle manual area and the electronic entertainment area according to the area of the site. Diversified operation, diversified equipment selection will make your own Operating profit higher. Indoor naughty fort can choose ocean ball pool, projection slide, beach pool, rotating equipment, trampoline, drilling holes, etc. The electronic amusement machine can choose water spray, simulated driving, hitting, etc. The choice of indoor amusement equipment mainly depends on the size and height of the venue. If there is no restriction on the venue, it can be handed over to a professional amusement equipment company for planning and design. If your site is an outdoor site, then when choosing amusement equipment, you should pay attention to whether it moves frequently, whether the bottom can be fixed, whether there is rain shelter equipment, etc. Outdoor venues should not only consider the above factors, but also consider the location of the venue. Because the amusement equipment suitable for different venue locations is also different. Like parks, supermarkets, shopping malls, squares, etc. , different venues need different equipment. Even some venues will ask themselves to put any amusement equipment, they can only put this kind of amusement equipment, and other equipment can not be put. This requires you to choose the venue and equipment more carefully. Let's talk about how these venues should choose equipment. The site is in the park, you should choose some medium and large amusement equipment, because the park is crowded and the competition is big, so the appearance of the equipment you choose must be large and beautiful. Like 36 luxury horses, 24 self-controlled aircraft, luxury flying chairs, mini shuttles, etc. , these devices are also more people at one time, suitable for places with relatively large traffic. The venue is suitable for inflatable amusement equipment and small electric bumper car amusement equipment above the square. If the venue is large, you can also move the pirate ship, simply turn the horse, etc. Because it is a square, sometimes managers will ask for the equipment to be emptied. Therefore, the choice of such equipment must be mobile. The site is in the township, you can choose some simple amusement equipment, such as simple horse, track train, water hand boat, etc. The investment of these equipment is not large, it is very suitable for low-cost venues such as villages and towns. Finally, if there are fewer people running their own business, then the choice of equipment should be those that can be operated remotely, which is simple and convenient. For example, manual bungee jumping and the like can't be chosen. Every time people go to work, they have to do it themselves, which is very inconvenient. The above is the selection of amusement equipment according to the location and situation of the site. However, the choice of equipment also involves many factors. If you do not have experience in this field, you must choose carefully. General amusement equipment manufacturers will provide help in this regard. If you don't understand, you can consult them to prevent mistakes.
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