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by:SKP     2020-03-09
Children's amusement park has become a very popular investment project due to its low investment cost and fast return. With the development of amusement equipment industry in full swing, more and more entrepreneurs have taken a fancy to the development prospects of this industry and have planned to invest in a children's amusement park. Then the question is, where is the indoor children's amusement park generally better? The following small series for everyone to summarize a few points for reference only. I. Comprehensive shopping malls the current comprehensive shopping malls are classified in detail, with the integrated design of beer and skittles, and there is also a special area for children on their own floor, which is also the first choice to attract indoor children's paradise franchisees, this usually attracts a large number of people. It is very good to open a children's amusement park here. Second, supermarket-type hypermarkets generally large shopping malls, the popularity is needless to say, and relatively stable, especially on weekends, Chinese New Year festivals and other people flow more, and the customer base coverage is relatively wide. In such a place to open a children's amusement park, the equipment is of high grade and the health service is good. Children often pass by and can't move. Third, the population of the general community near the senior community or the large community is relatively concentrated, and the population density is relatively large. If you open a children's amusement park here, the frequency of parents taking care of children will be higher, and business will be better. Of course, before choosing a community, it is best to investigate the number of children in this community and the distribution of age levels. If there are people of all ages and social classes, it will be better. If the population is highly mobile, you can consider marketing methods such as membership cards.
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