How to choose children's playground equipment? - Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
SKP company teaches you how to choose indoor children's playground equipment. Safety is the foundation of children's amusement park facilities. To choose children's amusement park facilities, safety must be determined first. Facilities with poor safety are costly to maintain in the later period, time-consuming and laborious, and parents are not at ease, which is not conducive to long-term operation. Facilities with high safety, low maintenance cost in the later period, time and labor saving, customer rest assured, is conducive to long-term operation and continuous profit. Therefore, entrepreneurs must choose children's amusement park facilities with excellent quality, safety and reliability, raw materials conforming to safety and environmental protection standards and ISO9001 international quality system certification. Second, the playability living conditions have improved, children's toys and amusement facilities are becoming more and more abundant, and playability is the most important point to attract children. Playability is mainly aimed at the age of the child, which has been challenging for the child, but it is not too difficult. For example, for 12-year-old children, the playability of naughty Castle is relatively low, and children's development projects are more popular, while for children around 5 years old, children's development has certain difficulties, children's naughty Fort is more popular. Entrepreneurs need to do a good job in market research and market positioning, and choose fashionable and novel amusement park facilities with strong playability according to the needs of target customers. Third, the educational and simple play function can only meet the needs of children in a short period of time, but it cannot retain customers or meet the needs of parents for children's education. The educational children's amusement park facilities are the most popular children's amusement park facilities with strong variability, which can attract and retain children and meet parents' needs for children's education. In addition to choosing children's amusement park facilities with educational benefits, entrepreneurs also need to pay attention to giving full play to the educational benefits of amusement park facilities in order to achieve their goals. If only the equipment is placed there, the educational benefits cannot be brought into play, this is a waste of facilities. Fourth, Harmony children's amusement park has a wide variety of facilities, even if the same type has different styles, so when choosing equipment, the harmony of the overall style of the amusement park should be considered. Regardless of the overall harmony, the amusement park looks disorganized and has poor customer consumption experience, which makes it difficult to attract and retain customers. Scientific and reasonable equipment matching can not only make full use of the venue space, but also save costs, it can also make the playground look beautiful, attract customers and enhance customer experience. V. Cost performance for entrepreneurs, it is very important to control the cost of investment. It is necessary to choose the amusement park facilities that can obtain the maximum profit at the same cost. Low-priced equipment has defects in safety, playability, intelligence and other characteristics, while equipment with these characteristics has relatively high cost. In this case, how to choose? The ultimate goal of opening a children's amusement park is to make a profit. We should not only consider the cost, but also think about how to maximize the profit. We can choose which one is the largest profit after deducting the cost from the later income through comparison. The price of children's amusement equipment varies greatly.
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