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by:SKP     2020-02-25
    The bumper cars we see now are battery bumper cars and ground network bumper cars. The former is relatively cheap because it can be operated only by charging the vehicles, this kind of vehicle is the same as the electric car that you ride. You only need to charge the battery to find a flat venue to play.     The price of the latter is higher than that of the former. It is a vehicle that needs a conductive floor with positive and negative poles to operate normally, so the cost of the floor needs to be added for investment, however, its impact strength is greater than that of battery bumper cars, so it is a kind of amusement equipment that young friends like. When investors choose, they will see which type of consumer group they are positioning before purchasing vehicles.     For the renewal and improvement of amusement equipment, we have not stopped since we set up the factory. We will make a summary based on the situation reflected by users, and then focus on improving these in the next update plan. It is to provide users with the most perfect amusement equipment, which is also our belief. Only when an enterprise can truly enter the hearts of customers can it have a chance of success. The trust of customers is the driving force for us, so we only need to consider the problem from the perspective of users, putting the interests of users first is the foundation of our development as an enterprise.
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