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by:SKP     2020-03-07
Inflatable castles can be operated all the year round and are loved by investors. How can we choose a good Castle with high quality and low price when purchasing products? Guangzhou Haibei teaches everyone to refer to the following aspects: raw materials. Many people choose to operate inflatable castles outdoors. Outdoor management puts forward some requirements for raw materials, which need to be able to withstand the wind and the sun, and will not affect the service life due to outdoor management. Investors can ask the manufacturer to show the relevant information of the materials when choosing, and have specific instructions on the thickness and Sun resistance of the materials. Appearance design. There are many styles of inflatable castles, and there is more room for choice. Investors need to have some market insight when selecting. Which style is liked by children is a question that should be considered. Judging from the experience of Guangzhou Wolong for more than 20 years, children tend to have rich and bright colors and fashionable styles. Production process. The production process is relatively easy to be ignored by investors. In fact, for large inflatable toys such as inflatable castles, the production process is more important. For example, whether the castle is integrally formed, bonded or sewn by machines, these processes directly affect the air tightness of the castle. Castles with good air tightness will save electricity in actual operation, which virtually saves investors costs. Quality inspection report. Qualified Manufacturers have passed the quality inspection when the equipment leaves the factory, and only qualified equipment will flow into the market. Checking the quality inspection report of the castle can help customers understand what inspection the equipment has passed, whether they are all qualified, do it in your heart. Starting from the above points, I believe I can help you understand the inflatable castle and then choose the equipment suitable for your own operation. Guangzhou Haibei welcomes to visit the factory.
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