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by:SKP     2020-03-12
The first question that needs to be considered is the choice of Wujin's business site. The choice of site can be said to be a very important link, it will affect the number of vehicles purchased, future income and other issues, so in order to make your investment return, be sure to choose a place with a large flow of people to operate. The biggest advantage of this structure is that it can not only ensure the safety of the people in the car, but also prevent the vehicle itself from being damaged by collision. It can be said that it is a way to kill two birds with one stone. Although the investment cost will be higher, only the attendance rate of bumper cars can be guaranteed to quickly recover the cost and make a profit. Since the volume of the vehicle is small, it can be operated indoors or outdoors, so there is more choice for the choice of operating venues. The most worrying thing for users to choose to buy children's bumper cars is the quality, and the most concerned topic is the price of the equipment. So, what is the price of children's bumper cars, and how much is it sold? Children's bumper car with performance. Material, technology and of different price is also in a few million to a few 100,000 between unequal. First of all, according to the cost of producing children's bumper cars (The price of steel is selected; Labor wages, time and material resources spent in producing the equipment; Investment Cost of accessories related to children's bumper cars)To price. When the matching equipment accessories are advanced and high-end, the price must be higher than the low-configuration children's square bumper car equipment. Bumper Car is a kind of amusement equipment with strong participation. Tourists drive in person, touch, wipe, Rush left and hit right. It is hard to prevent and exciting. It can be played during play, in the collision, fully vent the unhappiness in the heart, or enjoy the pleasure brought by the bumper car.     Another two questions that need to be considered are the selection of equipment. Since there are two types of vehicles on the market: battery bumper cars and ground network bumper cars, but their operating environment and investment costs are different, investors must choose according to their own venues and funds, this will avoid financial losses. In the past few years of use, there have been no major problems, so it brings a sense of security to customers. Some newspapers said that the bumper car did not have a seat belt, and the bumper car that had been played in childhood attracted the attention of the reporter, but when you look carefully, there is no seat belt on the bumper car in front of you. Of course, investors must also buy equipment from regular Wujin manufacturers when selecting equipment, because it will be better played when it collides, therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of vehicles and the safety of tourists.
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