How to cool the amusement equipment in summer? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-14
During the summer vacation, the square amusement business has been in high temperature. Not only do people need to cool down, but also the amusement equipment should be cooled down, but it should be adapted to local conditions. Simply speaking, there are three commonly used cooling methods. One is to set up a awning on the top of the equipment. This one is more suitable for small-scale products such as horses and bumper cars; The second is the physical cooling, the operator can use the water spray method to cool down when the business is closed or the customer is small, this method is suitable for amusement equipment that is not convenient to build sunshade measures outdoors such as small track trains and torrents. Now that the summer vacation is coming, children's amusement equipment has attracted the attention of many children, but as far as parents are concerned, they are not willing to ride overheated equipment in the big sun, therefore, there are fewer people going to the outdoor playground, and the indoor children's playground will obviously be more popular. So how to solve this problem for customers who have invested in outdoor recreation projects? In fact, in order to avoid the sun exposure, the operator can operate more time in the evening, so that when the tourists experience the joy, the night light scenery brings different visual experiences to the tourists. Don't ignore these summer heatstroke prevention and maintenance problems. No matter how good the quality of children's amusement equipment is not properly maintained, it is unrealistic to make profits for you for a long time. Inflatable children's amusement equipment uses the scientific principle of internal circulation of airflow to make the airflow continuously increase and rotate in the inflatable castle. Children can experience the joy of weightlessness and bouncing in space when playing, so they are deeply loved. Since the material of the inflatable castle amusement equipment is made of PVC waterproof cloth, it will become softer under the condition of exposure, and the blower will continuously replenish the airflow to the equipment to increase the air pressure, if long-term exposure may cause the danger of explosion, the protective work of inflatable children's play equipment in summer must be done well.
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