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by:SKP     2020-03-12
The modelling design of landscape should firstly be visually lively, close to nature and life, and its modelling appearance should be full of vivid expressive force. Secondly, it is best to choose animals and plants in natural ecology. For younger children, it can improve their cognition of the matter and at the same time help to train children's observation ability. In addition, the integration of ever-changing patterns in the modeling can satisfy children's imagination of the whole thing. More patterns are added on the basis of bionic modeling. Children's attention will be attracted by changing modeling and abstract patterns, which is in line with children's psychology of being willing to explore. The modeling of equipment landscape in children's playground should be interesting, attract children's interest and conform to children's psychological development characteristics. In the choice of color, first of all, it should conform to the age characteristics of children. Some landscapes endowed with childlike colors are often more popular with children and arouse their psychological resonance. Children's nature of loving nature can be better reflected and grasped in landscape colors, and children can be more easily identified by using the inherent color of natural organisms or the same color system. At the same time, adding appropriate contrast colors can make the landscape have strong attraction and impact on color. In an environment like a children's playground, the landscape with high color brightness and warm color will make children feel happy. The decoration of the park and the theme style are integrated. As long as the decoration style is determined, the decoration of the park will be completed. However, the decoration of the park is still divided into simple and hardcover. If the funds are sufficient, it is natural to choose hardcover. Although The hardcover costs more money, however, the investment needed in the later period will be less. If the funds are small, you can choose to be simple.
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