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by:SKP     2020-03-13
How to deal with air leakage of large inflatable amusement equipment Source: Guangzhou SKP company amusement Time: 2016-01- 26 08: 41 number of visits: 664 now basically every amusement park, large shopping mall and supermarket can see the figure of large inflatable amusement equipment naughty Castle. Because naughty Castle can not only exercise the coordination ability of the body for children, but also cultivate the brave personality of the children, and most importantly, it can also improve intelligence, so parents are also willing to take their children to play naughty Castle. However, as an inflatable amusement equipment, air leakage in the naughty Castle is inevitable. A proper amount of air leakage is normal. However, if a large amount of air leakage occurs, it is necessary to consider whether the naughty Castle is damaged. If it is confirmed that there is a large amount of air leakage due to the damage of the naughty Castle, it is necessary to repair the Amusement Equipment. Do not use some materials at will when repairing, because the naughty castle is made of PVC, this kind of polyvinyl chloride material is not harmful to the child's body, so it is best to use this material when repairing. When repairing, it is recommended to cut the repair material into a round shape, or cut it into a style larger than the notch shape according to the texture of the material. The recommended size is 3 to 5 cm from the notch, too small gap stick not too much don't easy to stick. Moreover, the surface of the place that needs to be repaired must be cleaned before sticking. Otherwise, it is not easy to stick because of impurities, which will cause secondary cracking in the future. After the repair material and the area to be repaired are coated with glue, compact it with your hands or other items. Do not leave air bubbles. If the temperature is low, it is recommended to blow it with a hair dryer, make sure to stick the area that needs to be repaired. Under normal circumstances, it can be used normally after a few minutes of sticking. Because inflatable amusement equipment is mainly supported by air, sweet village reminds equipment operators to pay attention to whether the equipment is damaged at all times to avoid unnecessary safety due to air leakage! Related links: inflatable battery car Robot Pedal Car electric plush car bumper car rotating fly
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