How to design a theme park to attract customers -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-22
Theme park culture plays an important role in whether a theme park has development potential and vitality. Therefore, the viewing industry and culture must be closely integrated along the way, and culture should be planned as viewing, and culture should be comprehensively developed and viewed through excavation and declaration of culture, the culture is displayed in a multi-faceted way of planning and viewing, and the theme park is endowed with wonderful cultural connotation, thus creating a viewing culture with clear characteristics. The form of entertainment sought by contemporary tourists is not only the sensory experience of human beings, but also the spiritual experience. From this level, the special cultural inner is also the core inner of confusing tourists. Therefore, before conceiving the establishment of a theme park, we must fully spy on the site selection, analyze the history of the site and the original viewing resources, and try to match the theme and its culture. Only by constantly exploring the cultural connotation can the products be improved, filled and refreshed, confuse customers, and create excellent economic and social benefits. Theme park marketing strategy. How to increase the revisit rate and how to increase the revisit rate of theme parks is one of the problems that need to be dealt with in the development of contemporary theme parks, and is also the key path for the continuous development of theme parks. The latent spenders within the radius of the useful customer source are the groups that have the most premise and are most likely to observe the spending again. The radius of the useful customer source shopping mall usually refers to 200 ~ Within the boundary of 300 km. Theme park developers need to choose sensitive marketing strategies for shopping malls with useful source radius, which can be reformed through the following paths. The developer must pass on the new viewing content of the theme park to the latent consumers through useful spreading tactics, so as to increase the exposure rate of the theme park and deepen its memory in the minds of the latent consumers; Or through the way of shooting film and television works in the theme park to stimulate the curiosity of potential consumers, through film and television shooting and other ways to greatly expand its popularity, thus achieving the effect of pulling expenses. Our country's theme park customer source shopping malls are usually positioned in an ordinary way. With the aggravation of competition in shopping malls, some developers begin to face the design and production of theme parks tailored to specific shopping malls, and strive to subdivide the customer source of shopping malls in marketing. At the same time, in order to prevent the newly built tributaries of the theme park, some large theme park developers have subconsciously consolidated the pertinence of the customer source shopping malls in the theme selection and viewing project design of the new theme park. For more information, please pay attention to our wechat public number.
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