How to Design children's naughty Fort lighting better -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
Nowadays, the development of naughty Fort is getting faster and faster, and many investors are very optimistic about the development trend of children's naughty Fort. Fundamentally speaking, it is the way Chinese families educate their children that has undergone a great change. There are abundant toys in the children's naughty Castle for children to learn and entertain. For the design style of the children's naughty Castle, the combination of theme and lighting design can well reflect the overall style of a naughty Castle. Because the theme and lighting design of children's naughty Castle directly affect the visual experience of the whole naughty Castle, whether it can attract parents to take children to play in it. After choosing the style of naughty Castle, we should also consider the matching of lighting design. This requires investors and designers to consider the theme style of children's naughty Castle, the area covered by lights, the innuendo of equipment and the influence and demand of some high-altitude equipment on lamp tubes, etc. Through various considerations, to select the color, intensity, quantity, location, etc. of the light. When purchasing lamps, you should choose similar styles as much as possible. If you choose Beach Park, children's naughty Castle Park (Mainly sky blue, Cloud White and sand yellow) , Then we should choose similar colors in the choice of lamps or contrast colors of auxiliary light colors to increase visual effects. Then choose the location, quantity and layout of the lights according to the size of the site, so as to achieve a relatively real effect, and the strong and weak match should be reasonable, the influence of the reflection of the equipment on children playing in various positions should be minimized, and the emitted light and concentrated light should be used in different positions, so that the lighting in the naughty Castle designed in this way not only produces dreamy effects, in addition to making the naughty Fort more dazzling, it can also make the small venue appear brighter and more spacious, which is used to increase the overall design of the children's naughty Fort. How much does it cost to open a naughty Castle?
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