How to do a good job in the safety precautions of inflatable castles for children's amusement facilities, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-12
Inflatable Castle is a common children's amusement facility. It operates very well in major ecological parks, squares, temple fairs and other places. However, with the popularity of inflatable castle management, the short-board problems in this industry have gradually emerged. In particular, the rapid expansion of the amusement industry in the past two years has given rise to a series of irregular operations. After entering the 2019 s, there have been several serious safety accidents. So for this low-cost, high-yield project that is popular among small and medium-sized investors, how to get out of the current industry dilemma? Objectively speaking, there is no normative standard for inflatable castles in our country from production to operation. Those with low thresholds can join and anyone can operate, and there is no supervision during children's play, more importantly, preschool children are usually playing in inflatable castles, and they lack self-management and protection ability. Under such circumstances, operators need to remind parents outside the venue to pay close attention to their children's dynamics at all times, and at the same time prohibit younger children from playing stimulating programs, avoid excessive age difference to prevent collision, friction and other problems. For the operator, it is also necessary to control the number of children in a single children's playground, because once there are too many people, it is easy to have a stampede accident, which may also cause the rupture of the inflatable castle. In addition to uncontrollable factors, investors have to do a lot of work to avoid problems. In view of the current situation that inflatable castle children's amusement facilities are easily overturned by strong winds, operators should especially do a good job in fixing toys, especially not simply using sandbags. In windy weather, outdoor inflatable castles should stop operating and prohibit anyone from entering the equipment. Of course, the safety of inflatable castles cannot be completely guaranteed by a single group. It needs to be jointly created by manufacturers and operators. Manufacturers have the responsibility and obligation to check the eligibility of products that flow into the market, such as Strictly screening raw materials, monitoring production processes, and conducting safety tests when developing new products (Trial run)Wait. The same operators also have their own safety responsibilities, such as doing a good job of wind prevention and fixing, stopping operation in bad weather, controlling the number of people playing, etc. Children's amusement facilities should be safe and sanitary at all times!
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